Artwork Consultation & Wall Design Services

Dressing up your wall is a breeze now.

Huge Collection. Large Variety.
Endless Possibilities.

The image searching process is over. No more going through thousands of images yourself, you can now leave it to us.

Different artwork genre for different needs.

You're now spoilt with choices.

Abstract Art, Modern Art, Minimalism, Architecture, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife, Forest, Mountain, Floral & Plant, and many more…

Scandinavian-Canvas-with-White-Frame in an apartment

Getting the image is easy.
Choosing the right one is not.

We help to design and source for the right artwork and images that suit your wall best.

So you don't have to.

Art gallery in the house.

Set up your own art corner with the images you love.

Planning to do a photo wall yourself?

 Let’s explore the processes that you may need to go through.

Photo / Artwork Selection

Start with a long and tedious process to go through the images, check the image resolution, sharpness, etc.

Perform necessary image editing to get the perfect look that you desire.


Size Selection

Measure the wall space available, decide on the number of photos to display, confirm the photo size that fits best, and filter through different photo orientation (portrait or landscape).

Frame Selection

Choose and decide on frame types, thickness and colours.

Comparing the effect to go with frameless design or having the extra white border around the artwork.


Display Layout

Start the photo arrangement and layout design process once you’ve finalized the photos, sizes, and frames design.

Explore the options to display them in one straight line, or having random heights and positions, or maybe even follow some structured shape arrangement.


Finally, you’ve got all the photos printed and framed, time to put them up as per your plan and layout design.

First, you need to mark the display height, align them and space out proportionally. Proceed to drill the wall with extreme care to make sure it is correct.

Then, you need to…


The list goes on and the challenges are endless…

The good news is:

Now, you don’t have to go through this yourself.

Artwork Consultation and Wall Design Services

A total peace-of-mind solution.

Golden Colour Dessert Canvas Print with Gold Frame rest on sideboard
Abstract Line Art Canvas Print with Brown Frame_3

All that you need is here.

From artwork selection, wall design layout, photo touch-up, all the way to photo installation.

Icon - Photo Editing
Photo Editing.
Icon - Picture Hanging
Artwork Installation
Icon - Delivery Truck
Architexture Blac & White Canvas Print Art with Black Frame

An effortless, time-saving and cost-effective solution to uplift your wall.

Transform your wall easily with any customized themes or designs.

Get in touch with our team today and let us help you materialize your dream in this exciting wall transformation journey.

Get in touch and start the
process today!

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